How to win customers and influence Google as a Web Content Writer!


Hello, I’m Chuck Camroux and as a content writer I have been earning an income on the web for 20+ years. I’m an SEO Web Content Writer and want to show you how to get into this incredible income opportunity. Oh, and did I mention how much money you’ll make along the way?

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An online course that shows you how to become a highly sought after Web Content Writer, where you learn immediately, and earn just as fast.

If you want to find a way to make a lot of extra money, even go full time, this is the most exciting opportunity available anywhere for every American and Canadian. The Internet is about information and becoming an information writer with a hook, an SEO Web Content Writer is a HUGE OPPORTUNITY. Web content writers are the most sought after positions in thousands of companies in North America.

Every business from your local hardware store to Fortune 500 companies need people to write content, not just any content but search optimized content for their websites. Millions of websites, and millions more coming online every week means there’s an endless supply of clients who need your services.

I created this course, WINNING TACTICS FOR WEB CONTENT WRITERS to give you what you need to start or expand your web content writing business, and give it to you fast so you are learning while you are earning.

Some of the things you will learn in this course include…

  How to write with keywords, including LSI (semantic indexed) keywords. After all, the key to your success is to combine a great article with the keywords that Google and the other search engines need to index the article.

  What is a SERP, which is what businesses consider to be the most important “page” on the web, and how you befriend Google to include your page in the SERPs.

  How many words do you need to write for powerful articles, and how few are too few and why.

  How to write headlines that captures the reader’s attention.

  What are and how to use “power words” to create a strong call to action.

  How to find paying clients.

  How to promote your business.

  Using sample templates and powerpoint presentations to sell your services.

  How to use PLR to help your business.

  Taking advantage of social media to find new customers.

  Finding free high quality pictures, graphics and video.

  How to write meta descriptions and title tags.

  Where to find SEO tools that are free and how to properly do on-page optimization.

  How to include internal and external links for a great relationship with Google and the other search engines.

  How to include quality images in your article.

  How to create and use WordPress to build a site for your business.

  You will learn how to stop other from cannibalizing your keywords and jeopardizing your SEO success.

  You’ll learn about the Google Algorithm updates and how to enhance your writing by learning what they don’t like and do want from your copy.

  You’ll learn about schema markup and how to use it to improve your optimization.

These are just some of the things you will learn in the SEO Web Writing ebook and the 13 WINNING TACTICS FOR WEB CONTENT WRITERS lessons that will arrive in your email every week. You will be able to help businesses through content marketing, making you a valuable member of their team.

The bottom line is, you can earn an incredible second income of $4,000 a month and more to a full time income of $100,000 or more a year, just for giving business clients well researched and written, search optimized content. If this sounds exciting to you, then you have the right mindset to make it happen.

All you need is a computer, an Internet connection, a love of writing and knowledge of how to weave search optimized words into your article. I’ll show you how to make sure your spelling and grammar are correct and how to properly use titles, headlines and words that sell. I’ll show you how to create a call to action without turning your article into a sales page.


This incredible opportunity is available right now for only $39. You not only get the complete ebook, but you will receive the weekly WINNING TACTICS FOR WEB WRITERS lessons for 13 weeks. Expanding your knowledge and capability so you can make even more money. Yes, you read right, the WINNING TACTICS FOR WEB WRITERS course and THE SEO WEB WRITER ebook is just $39 one time payment. You not only save $10 on the purchase price of the ebook alone, but there is no long-term financial commitment.

To take advantage of this package at this incredibly low price, click on the purchase button below. The ebook and your first of 13 weekly lessons will arrive within minutes and you’ll be on your way to learning and earning.


Q: I don’t have a Paypal account, can I use my credit card?
A: Absolutely. When you click on the BUY NOW link, you’ll be taken to the secure Paypal Gateway that processes our payments. You can choose to use the credit card button by clicking on it and completing the purchase information.

Q: What happens after I have paid for the eBook and lessons?
A: You will be sent to the Thank You page here on Follow the instruction on the page (simple). You will then receive an email from me welcoming you and providing the link to download your products.

Q: What is the format of the lessons? Do I need anything special?
A: The lessons are in PDF, the standard format to read an ebook and the lessons in Windows or Apple products.

Q: Do we have to buy anything else besides the program?
A: No, the lessons do not require you to buy anything to be effective. However, you must have a computer and an Internet connection to be able to become a web writer. It’s you main communication system between you and your clients.